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ByRed Rocket

Version 1.1 Coming Soon!

Version 1.1 is now in development and will bring additional features which include

  • Customization of fields for Coins and Bank Notes to make the program more versatile and appeal to more collectors.
  • Addition of a quantity field for Coins.
  • Fixed Mintage data type bug
  • Added option to hide Coin and Bank Note columns

These are the features we are adding so far, if additional ideas come to light, they may be added as well, if you have an idea and you’d like to see it added, please make a post on the forum with your idea and if we feel it will bring value to the program, it will be added.

Thank you
Red Rocket.

ByRed Rocket

Numistmatist Catalogue, Bank Note & Coin Collectors Software

Numistmatist Catalogue, Bank Note & Coin Collectors Software is currently in the testing stage and will soon be released to the general public.

Here are some of the highlights of Numismatist Catalogue.

  • Completely free, no licensing necessary.
  • Regularly updated and maintained with new features suggested by the community.
  • Create detailed reports, with the option to include your own logo.
  • Quickly and easily view your entire collections in the user friendly GUI.
  • Add as many records as you need, there is no limit!
  • Backup and Restore allows you to quickly move your collection between workstations.
  • Create barcodes for every item in your collection.
  • Add attachments and images to your items so you can easily access information when you need it.
  • Export your reports to PDF, Excel or Word.
  • Automatically generate a professional looking web page to display your collection, ready to upload to your website.

Please check back regularly for further updates and releases.

Numistmatist Catalogue is the #1 FREE tool for serious coin and bank note collectors, so why not download and try it today!

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