Please read through this Q&A for Numismatist Catalogue, as it may help with some basic questions.

Q: How do I add a new record to the database?
A: Simply open up the Numismatist application and click “Add New Coin” or “Add New Note”

Q: How do I add a Catalogue Number, Duggleby Reference or Yearbook Reference to a record?
A: Make sure you have added your numbers or references by clicking on the button displaying “…”, once you have done this, select the magnifying glass next to the text field and double click the reference or number you wish to apply to the record.

Q: I only want to generate a report displaying all the records with a specific Cashier, how do I do it?
A: Use one or multiple filter options to filter on any of the available columns and then generate your report, the same can be done when producing a web page, what you see in the main data window is what you will see on your report, it’s also possible to sort the columns before generating a report or web page.

Q: I’ve added 100’s of records and want to transfer it all to another computer, how do I do it?
A: Use the database backup function from the main menu and use the database restore function on your secondary computer to transfer your records.

Q: Can I publish the web page to my own web site?
A: Yes, upload the HTML file(s) and the ‘www’ folder to the root directory of your own website (as is), you can find these files in the Red Rocket Software Solutions folder in your C: drive.